Thursday, January 24, 2008

TV Patrol in Waray-Waray now available online!


ABSCBNNOW now has TV Patrol Tacloban! Finally, news in Waray-Waray! All the Visayas are now covered.

It also looks like they added TV Patrol from General Santos, which is in Tagalog.

I am hoping that the versions from Bicol, Zamboanga, and Pampanga will be added soon.


Anonymous said...

I am surprised why you are not aware of TV Patrol Bicol which is aired daily from 6:30 to 7:00 P.M.(except Sunday) here in Naga City and elsewhere in the Bicol Region:

TV Patrol Bicol (ABS-CBN TV-11 Naga, TV-4 Legaspi, TV-23 Daet, TV-9 Sorsogon, TV-11 Virac and TV-10 Masbate)

The daily newscast is in Bicol altho I am not sure if what I listen to in Naga City is simultaneously aired in the other TV channels mentioned above.

If I am not mistaken, TV Patrol Bicol has been on the air for over ten years now.

Panu said...

Hello, Chris. I am a Finnish linguist who needs to learn Tagalog/Filipino/Pilipino for professional reasons. Have you already blogged about the differences between real street Tagalog and "Pilipino/Filipino" (provided that that thing really exists and isn't just a word for a non-existing language), or would you bother to do it sometime?

I would welcome a personal answer. My address is phoglund AT abo DOT fi

jackdaniels said...

I saw your picture you uploaded up on filipino people.There is an black guy on there?I have never seen a Filipino that looks like that.Maybe you should get a picture that shows what the majority of filipinos look like.I mean when you type in Japanese people wiki doesn't show the Ainu natives wiki shoes the majority "look" of Japanese .Show the majority "looks" of Filipinos for a good representation.
Maybe put some pictures of famous people like Rizal,Aguinaldo,Leah Dizon, and Arroyo.

I'm Japanese Filipino!

Christopher Sundita said...

tanhaga - Yes I am fully aware of TV Patrol Bicol and have been trying to find some clips of it for some time, but at the time I wrote this, it wasn't available online. Now it is.

Christopher Sundita said...

jackdaniels - I have to disagree. There are dozens of ethnolinguistic groups in the Philippines. And I have only so much space to put them in. I think I provided a fair balance - half the pictures come from the lowland Christian population. Then there is one Muslim. And also one Bagobo. And finally a Negrito. These people are so unfairly underrepresented that at the very least they should get a picture in that article. Surely, these people are Filipino, right? Filipinos are not just the people you see on TV. I wish I had space to do more.

The people you list should be put in the respective articles for Tagalog people, Visayan people, Chinese Filipinos, etc.

Kalani said...

jackdaniels...i know that when you say "majority" it means "Tagalogs" only. I grew up around a lot of Ilokanos and their features are diff. to the majority of Tagalogs I constantly encounter today.

It's good that people get to see various features of people from the Philippines.

Anonymous said...

i hate tv patrol bicol, esp the programs "bikol espesyal, and maray na aga kapamilya kc very trying hard ang mga hosts. Kaloka........eeww

Anonymous said...


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Jerome Cadungog Herrera said...

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