Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bikol Wikipedia is now open

Mga Kahimanwa kong Bikolano ~

The Bikol Wikipedia is now finally open.

This is for, more or less, the Naga-Legazpi Standard variety (aka Northern Bikol or Bikol Central). A proposal has been submitted to start a Rinconada Bikol Wikipedia, but it looks like a long shot for now. The Rinconada incubator is at .

There are now Wikipedias in EIGHT different Philippine languages. In addition to Bikol, they are Cebuano, Ilokano, Kapampangan, Pangasinan, Tagalog, Waray-Waray, and Zamboangueño (Chavacano).

I'm quite surprised that the Hiligaynon and the Kinaray-a Wikipedias are still on the back burner. They are "conditionally approved" - meaning, there are some criteria that still need to be met.

Anyway, spread the word.


Richard said...

Hey, why dont you comment on the Tonton, Benjo videos. They are parodies of the movies Troy and 300 in Hiligaynon. They are quite funny. Here's a link

thnidu said...

After seeing the header of your blog -- "... All of the languages indigenous to the area belong to the Malayo-Polynesian branch of the Austronesian language family...." -- I was surprised to find that "Zamboangueño (Chavacano)" is a Spanish-based Creole.

Christopher Sundita said...

Yep, it is. But it technically isn't Malayo-Polynesian. I should say "almost all..." lol


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I've never even heard of Bikol...I feel kinda ignorant (LOL). This is fascinating stuff...I have so much still to learn.

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