Friday, June 29, 2007

Buhay pa 'ko!

Yes, folks, I'm still alive. I've been in hiding ever since I lost the Philippine Blog Awards. I was soo devasted that I've taken residence in a cave up in Mt. Rainier crying myself to sleep, while listening to EMO music.

Kidding, of course.

In all seriousiness, my busy life just kept me away from blogging; it has even curtailed my Wikipedia activities.

I recently moved within the same town and now I'm finally on a 9-day vacation. I intend to rest and get caught up on a lot of things - blogging included.

But yes, I didn't win at the Philippine Blog Awards. I don't think my blog fit the category it was in. But that was all right. Special thanks to Jomar at Alas Filipinas for representing me.

It was interesting though! Fellow Wikipedian editor Seav aka Eugene Alvin Villar took a pic of my blog as it was projected onto the big screen:

Scary seeing my blog being projected like that and looked at by so many people! The reality that people actually read (and you are still out there, aren't ya?) sunk in. hah.

Until next time...