Tuesday, August 03, 2004

My Tausug Book

As many of you know, I wrote a book about the Tausug language titled In Bahasa Sug: An Introduction to Tausug. It's been published by my friend Jason Lobel who is currently in the Philippines. The book is done and I should be getting it when he returns to the USA in September. I have not seen the final product yet, and I am very anxious to see.

So it's kind of a tease (grin) when Sonny Villafania wrote to me saying that Jason showed him my book when they met Dr. David Zorc at De La Salle University in Manila. heh. heh. Then last night, Dr. Carl Rubino e-mails me saying that Dr. Zorc, who returned to the Washington D.C. area, showed him a copy of my book. So a copy of my book is across the country (I'm in the "other" and "greener" Washington. hehe.). Wow!

I think that I - the book's author - will be the last person to see it. I'll bet that even my mother will see it before I do. haha. That's ok. This is totally worth the wait.

Anyway, you can see the front & back cover of the book below. Click to see an enlarged photo.

The book will be in hardcover and paperback. There is a very limited supply of hardcover versions (20 or so) and much more of paperback. I have not determined the prices yet and I will make an announcement sometime after I receive the books.

If you're interested, please e-mail me and I will put you on my list which is short right now.

Dr. Rubino asked me if I'll be doing more books on other Philippine languages.

In a word?



Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your first published work! It's an awesome achievement to have authored something of value in print. It'll definitely come in super handy when you start applying for Ph.D. programs in linguistics in the future! Keep up the good work and do one on Chavacano next.

Sonny said...

Chris, congratulations on your Tausug book and please reserve a signed copy for me. I might as well write one for the Pangasinan language :)

Anonymous said...


congratulation on your book Mr. Sundita. its nice to see somebody to write in Tausug. i haven't seen it, but as a Tausug i appreciate what your done. hope to get a copy of the Book for me to say my comments... best wishes

Anonymous said...

I work in Arlington, Virginia and we teach languages in our school. It was good finding finally a book in Tausug. I am also looking for 2 males Tausug speakers who could make dialog recordings in Tausug for the military. If anyone is interested, please call me at 7035278666 ext. 114. Thank you