Friday, March 30, 2007

Philippine Blog Awards Update

Well, folks it's almost 10:30PM Friday here in the Seattle-Tacoma area while it's 10:30PM Saturday in the Philippines. I'm ready to call it a day and hit the sack since I've had a long week.

In four hours, the Philippine Blog Awards ceremony will begin.

Since I am unable to make the trip to my dad's hometown of Makati where the awards will be held, I have designated my online friend Jomar Alas to represent me at the ceremony. He and I first met in Hispano-Filipino and we've had our - and still have - our heated debates in that forum. But it's all good, I swear. ;-)

In any case, Jomar blogs at Skirmisher.Org and also at Alas Filipinas. The latter is the only known Philippine-related blog written entirely in Spanish. Jomar is actively learning Spanish and desires to resurrect a forgotten part of Philippine heritage. Check him out!

So, wish me luck. And good night to you all.


Frank A Hilario said...

You were a finalist. May I invite you to my feature story on the Blog Awards? Names and URLs included; here’s mine .

PEPE ALAS said...

Chris, ¿cuál es la palabra tagala más larga?

Chris, what's the longest Tagalog word?

Chris, ¿anó ba'ng pínacamahabang salitâ sa Tagalog?


Anonymous said...

Hi! Don't forget Surigaonon in your enumeration of Philippine Languages. It's beautiful and unique.:-)

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