Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Life and the future of this blog

This blog has been in a state of limbo since 2008 pretty much, and for that I apologize to my readers (if I have any left). I did write an update in February 2011 and following up from that, I did not end up graduating in June 2011 and going to grad school as planned.  So, I ended up postponing graduation until December 2011. I'm glad I did - I took a couple more linguistics classes as well as taking an intensive course on Icelandic!

Since then, I have been working at Google, but that is about to end by the end of this week. I was accepted to a graduate program out east. Yes, it's in linguistics.

I am not sure yet what I will do with this blog.  I am thinking of reviving it in grad school since I can talk about what I am researching and studying, and we shall see.  If you have any questions to ask me, feel free! :-D

Until next time...


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Aldrin F.T. said...

I wish you all the best, Mr Sundita! But do update this blog whenever you can. ;)