Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Waray Songs & Contractions

Just a quick update.

So I have a collection of songs in Tagalog (of course), Bikol (in the Viracnon & Legazpi dialects), Cebuano, Ilokano, Pangasinan, one in Hiligaynon (I think), and now I have a CD in Waray-Waray.

It's called Lubi-Lubi & Other Waray Folksongs.

Brackets indicate where I fixed the spelling, where known.

There are 12 songs: Lubi-Lubi, An I[r]oy nga Tuna, Daw Nasusunod, Kon Harapit na An Adlaw Matunod, Di Ak Nahuhulop, An Bulan, An Lubi, [Ginhilom] Ko, Lawiswis Kawayan, [An] Mga Hoyohoy, Limukon ug Punay, and Daw Sugad Hin Bukad.

The singers are the Mabuhay Singers. So it has that familiar traditional feeling.

One day I'd like to see pop songs in minority Philippine languages. I understand there is Cebuano rap!

And something linguistic related. I noticed one of the titles is Di Ak Nahuhulop (I am not discouraged). Until fairly recently (say, last year or so), I always associated the di ak part with Ilokano, which is written diak. So when I first bought the CD today, I was wondering why there was an Ilokano song on it. :-D

Anyway, Waray-Waray usually contracts pronouns.

ako (first person singular, absolutive) becomes ak. And in some cases, usually after a vowel, it's simply k.

kami (first person, exclusive plural, absolutive) becomes kam

kita (first person, includive plural, absolutive) becomes kit

nakon (first person singular, ergative) becomes either nak or ko.

nimo (second person singular, erg.) becomes nim or mo

imo (second person singular, oblique) becomes im

In Tagalog, it happens less frequently, it seems. I personally contract ako to ko following a word that ends in /a/. Cebuano does anywhere regardless. Also ninyo (2nd person plural ergative) is contracted to nyo.

Speaking of Cebuano, I am still sometimes confused by its speakers' contractions. KO could either come from AKO (1st person sg., absolutive) or NAKO (1st person sg., erg.). NAKO from either KANAKO or NAKO. The same with MO/KANIMO/NIMO and other oblique pronouns resembling ergative ones.

That's all for now.


Anonymous said...


You might be interested to know that Lubi-Lubi is one of three known Waray albums recorded by the Mabuhay Singers and released by Villar Records whose website is at http://www.villarmusic.com

The other two Waray albums are

Waray Album 2
Bahal Nga Tuba

Unfortunately, Villar Records (as far as I'm aware) has NOT released the other two Waray albums in CD format. Bahal Nga Tuba is only available in cassette format while Waray Album 2 is not listed on their website.

About the song titles in Lubi-Lubi:

The CD listing of Track 3 (Daw Nasusunod) has also a typo. It should be Daw Nasusunog

A few additions on the subject of Waray contractions.

amon and aton can be abbreviated into am and at respectively,

And here's another common one.

balitaw, which is the Waray cognate of the Cebuano bitaw can be abbreviated as balit

Anonymous said...

Chris, I lost your email address. Could you email me please? mlq3 at pldstdsl dot net.


Anonymous said...


There are new Waray albums that came out recently: "DINUMDOM" by the RAh RAh Rousers of PAlo and DOms PAgliawan's "SANGKAY MO"


Anonymous said...


I really like what you have posted.
I need to research about waray songs and I have only found it here.

Christopher Sundita said...

There is a 4-volume book set of learning Waray-Waray written by Dr. John U. Wolff in the late 1960's. There are Waray-Waray songs with sheet music in there.


Anonymous said...

Saan ba makakabili ng waray songs ng mabuhay singers na hindi dollar denominated?

I bought a kitschy waray medley CD in Davao City... asus!

Anyway, email me naman ... taumbahay@yahoo.com para sa tips


Anonymous said...

There is another album of the Mabuhay Singers MLS-5166 that i have called: Waray, Pampanggo, Bicol.

The songs on that LP are:
May Duha Ka Tamsi
Dalagang Campampangan
Balitaw Ning Balen Cu
Si Nanay, Si Tatay, Di Co Babayaan
An Mananggete
Puntung Biabas
Ing Maligaya Tang Napun
Ano Dao Idtong Sa Gogon
Ragna Nin Puso

I managed a copy through ebay about a year ago. It's quite banged up and there is some mold growth but i cleaned it as best I can and plays all the way throught without skipping.

Anonymous said...

Oh my e-mail is wasaywasay@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I just came from my vacation and i've reconnected with my friends who are into waray2x songs. We covered some waray music which i recorded into my mp3 player. If your interested you can search it at multiply.com . i would suggest that you type in the waray waray music once your in multiply.com

Anonymous said...

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PoySugbo said...


Forget Cebuano Rap. Try Cebuano Reggae or Alternative Rock. We call it BisRock. Or Bisaya Rock.

Solid Ug Lawas